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A cross-cultural consultancy

Dragon Rock’s original concept was to fill a need in the Southeast Asia business climate to help foreign business economically enter the market without the extreme startup costs generally associated with expanding a business into another hemisphere. Successful western businesses often make the mistake of thinking the same business practices apply in Asia that do in the USA or Europe. . .


When Zenta Thomas established the Dragon Rock core principals and dedicated the company to providing Market Entry, Market Creation, Market Expansion and Advisory services for Western and East Asian companies, she was seeing the gap Western businesses had in understanding East Asian cultures . . .


Dragon Rock works synergistically with Qualitas Project Control to provide the best in Customized, Elite Real Estate/Resort/Golf Development Consulting Services, Personalized Representation and Effective Branding Initiatives in SE Asia. One of the best value propositions we offer aside from assisting in  positioning  . . .

Contact Information

Zenta Thomas

President, Dragon Rock

Thailand +66 0973142283

USA +1 609 788 3063




Dragon Rock President is the Representative for Destination Golf Europe in SE Asia.

Dragon Rock is providing Market Entry Advisory services for foreign companies entering the market in SE Asia.

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innovate golf tourism models into thriving sustainable programs

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