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A Dragon is Born


A cross-cultural consultancy

Dragon Rock’s original concept was to fill a need in the Southeast Asia business climate to help foreign business economically enter the market without the extreme startup costs generally associated with expanding a business into another hemisphere. Successful western businesses often make the mistake of thinking the same business practices apply in Asia that do in the USA or Europe


Conversely, Asian businesses often think all foreign businesses are rich and arriving with loads of cash to distribute around with little regard for accountability and a willingness to do things the “Local Way”. This is a particularly true misconception in emerging markets. While there is no shortage of foreign educated locals, they are often sidelined by the decision makers who want to continue with the status quo.


Too often because of a chasm of miscommunication and misunderstanding of each entity’s point of view, a potential deal gets permanently stuck in the mud. Asia is not for every business and many find out only after considerable investment and frustration, that it is time to pack up and go home.  Hence, Dragon Rock was born as a bedrock consultancy which helps firms test the waters, learn about the market practices, and do a bit of navigation before becoming fully committed. On the other hand Asia can be a great place to do business and chances of success are greatly enhanced by having an experienced, connected advisor on the team.


Over the years Dragon Rock has used its core skills and experience to help Non-Asian companies who wish to establish a presence in Asia without the expense, stress and steep learning curve that setting up offices, relocating personnel, and learning the ropes require.


Dragon Rock has demonstrated an amazing knack for getting in doors, finding business deals, and building networks where they can find reliable partners for just about anything on behalf of their clients.

Our Mission?

-  To connect businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs.


-  To represent, teach, advise, and most importantly, service the extreme complexities of cross cultural communications.


-  To open doors to partnering arrangements, funding sources, extensive networks of well-placed decision makers.


-  To conceptualize Branding, Marketing and overall Strategies in ongoing support of our clients.


-  To identify and create new opportunities based on developing trends and long standing successes.

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